Ayurveda – The Ancient Indian Way Of Life

Betty Bossi AG, a Swiss company, deals with the topic "Ayurveda - the ancient Indian way of life" in the following article. The content of the article consists of a summary of the five elements, the dosha types, the agni and the six flavors together. A very good overview. In addition, Betti Bossi AG presents us with fine recipes, see link.

- Sweet and sour lentil stew

- Vegetable tagine with prunes

- Chai - Chinese cabbage minestrone

- Oven fries with tomato chutney

- Pumpkin Cinnamon Chutney

- Fig chutney

- Potato and pumpkin curry

- Chestnut Pumpkin Minestrone

- Castellane on pesto cream sauce

- Stuffed kohlrabi with lentils

- Herb Hirsotto

- Ratatouille with chickpea crumble

At this point a big thank you for the article and the recipes to the Betty Bosse AG!

And have fun browsing this article and cooking.