Ayurveda – The Ancient Indian Way Of Life

Betty Bossi AG, a Swiss company, deals with the topic "Ayurveda - the ancient Indian way of life" in the following article. The content of the article consists of a summary of the five elements, the dosha types, the agni and the six flavors together. A very good overview. In addition, Betti Bossi AG presents us with fine recipes, see link.

- Sweet and sour lentil stew

- Vegetable tagine with prunes

- Chai - Chinese cabbage minestrone

- Oven fries with tomato chutney

- Pumpkin Cinnamon Chutney

- Fig chutney

- Potato and pumpkin curry

- Chestnut Pumpkin Minestrone

- Castellane on pesto cream sauce

- Stuffed kohlrabi with lentils

- Herb Hirsotto

- Ratatouille with chickpea crumble

At this point a big thank you for the article and the recipes to the Betty Bosse AG!

And have fun browsing this article and cooking.


It Definitely Does Not Taste Like Curry

To steal anyone’s thunder for any caveats against the Ayurvedic cuisine that the food tastes like curry, I would like to give some food for thought. This article is about the taste of the food, not about its health aspects or other uses. In Sanskrit, taste is called Rasa.

Does this type of cuisine really always taste the same? Let's examine the whole thing step by step. What is important in a healthy and full-fledged Ayurvedic cuisine when it comes to taste?

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Nourish Ayurvedic: Harmony For Body And Soul

This is a short article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the general contexts of the ayurvedic diet.

Renowned and experienced Ayurveda doctors explain how easy ayurvedic diet can be used in a simple way. Furthermore, a literature recommendation can be found in the appendix of the article. „European Ayurvedic Cuisine“ with basic Ayurveda, a type determination test of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and of course fine recipes with organic, regional and seasonal ingredients.