Pulse Diagnosis Plus Lecture on AyurVeda And Veganism

Lecture on AyurVeda and Veganism (part 1 of 3 for the year 2023) in Lucerne with Ayurvedic doctor Naveen Gupta B.A.M.S. Recipient of the Gold Medal in 1983 at the University of Delhi.

AyurVeda physician Naveen Gupta was born in Delhi, India, in 1960 and began studying Ayurveda at the age of 16 at India’s oldest Ayurvedic institute, known as Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia Medical College. In 1983, he received his Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery B.A.M.S. degree with honors and distinctions in clinical subjects from the University of Delhi with a gold medal.

Naveen Gupta has been practicing AyurVeda for 4 decades, since the year 1984, of which he practiced in New Delhi for the first 2 decades and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom for the last 2 decades.

Naveen Gupta has a deep interest in the full range of Vedic healing arts, sciences and technologies to achieve the highest quality of health and consciousness, and specializes in the following areas:

  • Nadi Vidya, the pulse examination.
  • Jivha Pariksha, the tongue diagnosis
  • Nakha Pariksha, the examination of the nails
  • Dravya Guna, AyurVeda pharmacy to therapeutics with divine herbs of Mother Nature
  • AyurVeda nutrition and cuisine with satvic vegan food and drinks
  • Marma Shastra, the science and mystical wisdom of balancing the energies of 107 vital points in human physiology
  • Vedic psychotherapy for mental health and emotional well-being
  • PanchaKarma, the detoxification, rejuvenation and regeneration therapies of highly specialized AyurVeda medicine

Naveen Gupta offers AyurVeda beginner courses for newcomers and AyurVeda master courses for AyurVeda practitioners, and has led the medical community’s courses on Ayurveda herbalism, diagnosis and medicine in Amsterdam, Antwerp and London. Now he is soon to lead courses in Switzerland from mid-2023.

Naveen Gupta performs Ayurvedic consultations with pulse, tongue and nail diagnosis. He also treats Marma points and does Kundalini Abhyanga with classic herbal Ayurveda Taila and Ghee, special oils and clarified butter potentized with herbs and PanchaKarma.

I am very happy to welcome AyurVeda doctor Naveen Gupta in my rooms and invite you to the pulse diagnosis and a lecture. I will hand over documents with general dietary and behavioral recommendations to each registered person after the consultation. If you are interested, we recommend that you book an appointment for a Holistic Ayurveda Nutrition and Health Consultation with me afterwards.

Individual appointments will be made in order to maintain privacy. Since a consultation is offered hourly, appointments are limited. If there are more registrations than spaces, we will offer additional appointments at a later date, which will be announced accordingly.

vasOveda, Valérie Brunner-Souane, Bergstrasse 29, 6004 Luzern / Schweiz
Time of the presentation
Do., 20.04.2023 at 20:15 Uhr (approx. 1 hour with Q&A sesssion, snacks and tea, English incl German translation)
Schedule for Pulse Diagnosis
Fr., 21.04.2023 from 09:00 to 12:00; from 13:00 to 18:00 (English incl German translation)
Sa., 22.04.2023 from 09:00 to 12:00; from 13:00 to 18:00 (English incl German translation)
RegistrationRegistration Deadline
[email protected]16.04.2023
Cost of Presentation (per part)Costs for Pulse Diagnosis (general admission)
35.- CHF220.- CHF

I kindly ask to be on time for the diagnosis, otherwise the sessions will be shortened.

Best regards Valérie Brunner-Souane Holistic Ayurveda Nutrition and Health Consultation
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Presentation: “Body Trip With Ayurveda” – With Prof. Dr. N. Gupta B.A.M.S. University Delhi / India

Prof. Dr. N. Gupta, B.A.M.S. University of Delhi, India will come to Lucerne on August 24, 2018, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for a presentation about Ayurveda. I'm very happy about it. It is targetted at those interested in Ayurveda and is very attractive and easy to understand even for beginners. The presentation languate is English and it will be translated to German, simultaneously. Tea and biscuits will be served during the evening.

For details see Fyler.


Effectiveness Of An Ayurveda Treatment Approach In Knee Osteoarthritis – A Randomized Controlled Trial

I would like to introduce you to a knee osteoarthritis study with Ayurveda treatments. Up to now, scientific studies have always been the best and most convincing way of uniting Ayurveda with our health and medical systems when sensitizing people to alternative methods. Of course, one always has to remember that further studies are needed for confirmation. But a milestone has already been set.

For nine years, the study "Effectiveness of an Ayurveda Treatment Approach to Knee Osteoarthritis - A Randomized Controller Trial in the Charité, the Natural Medicine Outpatient Clinic at Immanuel Hospital, was conducted in collaboration with the European Academy of Ayurveda and Health Center Sun & Moon published under https://www.oarsijournal.com/article/S1063-4584(18)30082-7/fulltext.

Under The Spell Of The Green Gods – The Doctors Of The Maharajah

An extensive and very beautiful documentary film from the television station phoenix. The eye of the beholder is presented with many beautiful shots of India.

The movie is about the origins of Ayurveda, its botany and its current limits. Interesting is also its kinship with the Tibetan medicine, whose plants come from a completely untouched nature. Ayurveda became quickly obliterated during the colonial period and the advancement of Western medicine. Today, most search and research of ancient scripts is carried out systematically and scientifically as well as in close collaboration of both Eastern and Western medicine and pharmacology.

From the following quotation of a Sanskrit text, it becomes clear how immensely influential food is on our health. “It is by good nutrition alone that the human being thrives, while bad causes disease.”

Hermann Ammon (professor at the University of Tübingen, pharmacologist and medical doctor) adds: “The knowledge of the thousand-year-old plant treasures is more valuable than all the jewels of the Maharajahs, the once mighty rulers”.

Restaurant Mohini in Zurich, Switzerland

This vegetarian-ayurvedic restaurant is 100% organic and freshly cooked in the quality of Demeter. Thus said, dishes aren’t warmed up. There is a daily dish consisting of salad, soup, main course, and dessert with drinks. It is worthwhile to inform yourself on the restaurant’s homepage and reserve a table, beforehand. The restaurant features a small shop with fine teas, exquisite books and much more. It offers catering, takeaway, cooking classes and events and has developed over the years to a meeting point for young and old. Look at https://www.mohini.ch/ and get a picture of it.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means knowledge of life – “Mother Of All Cures”. Ayurveda naturally preserves health and eliminates diseases.

In this short film the connections of Ayurveda are explained simply and understandably by an Ayurveda doctor. The five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space or ether) are explained in connection with the three doshas – vata, pitta, kapha and diseases. The six flavors and our way of life have an elementary influence on the Doshas and thus on health and illness. It is therefore important to know your own dosha and live accordingly.

Ayurveda is a life philosophy and medicine that can lead us back to nature.

Entdeckung 360° Geo Reportage Indien, heilendes Ayurveda

Again a very impressive overview, about what is all possible with Ayurveda and is currently also accepted and practiced by the school medicine. In this film, two ailments show how Ayurveda is used and works. It is a 360° GEO report about the Ayurveda treatment of two patients, one with severe arthritis, and the other one with age diabetes. In just a few weeks, the symptoms of both patients were drastically reduced. The Vaidyas, Indian healer families, who have passed on their knowledge to subsequent generations for centuries, are also reported.


Update from YouTube: “360 ° Geo Reportage: India, …” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to several third-party reports of copyright infringement.”

Update September 2018: The movie is now available on YouTube again, see: