Manose – Suskera: Solo Bamboo Flute

A wonderful music with the bamboo flute played by Manose (

Soothing to hear between all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and a great gift.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and for the new year health, peace and love.

And now a little Christmas present in the words of the Hopi, the people of peace.

I am the country,

my eyes are the sky,

my limbs the trees.

I am the rock, the depth of the water.

I’m not here to control Mother Earth,

or exploit them.

I am nature myself.

Maharishi-Gandharva-Ved Music

A simple and brief video instruction about the Maharishi-Gandharva-Ved music. 

If you are still interested in the basic principles of music theory and the different technical aspects, you can read the book “Maharishi-Gandharva-Ved” by Gabriel Hartmann. The author describes the following aspects, in detail (with source evidence and a foreword by Professor Debu Chaudhuri):

  1. Gandharva-Ved Music And Vedic Science
  2. Definition, Tradition And Division Of The Gandharva-Ved
  3. The Basic Principles Of Music Theory Of The Gandharva-Ved
  4. New Interpretative Approach To The Concepts Of Grama And Shruti
  5. Rag: A Musical Work Of Art
  6. Effects Of Gandharva-Ved Music And Scientific Research

Maharishi Gandharva Ved Buch

Gandharva-Ved-Music: Amar Nath – Ragha Megha Part 2 (Raga Megha / Rain Melody)

Besides Ayurvedic Nutrition Gandharva Ved Music is another source to support your somatic, mental, and spiritual health, according to writings. It is known as the classical music of the Vedic High Culture. Its healing sounds bring peace, and harmony to your heart and the world as a whole. Relax, and listen to the music, carefully. You will be feeling, and enjoying its impact and healing very soon. You can listen to “Amar Nath – Ragha Megha Part 2” over the course of the whole day.