Presentation: “Body Trip With Ayurveda” – With Prof. Dr. N. Gupta B.A.M.S. University Delhi / India

Prof. Dr. N. Gupta, B.A.M.S. University of Delhi, India will come to Lucerne on August 24, 2018, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for a presentation about Ayurveda. I'm very happy about it. It is targetted at those interested in Ayurveda and is very attractive and easy to understand even for beginners. The presentation languate is English and it will be translated to German, simultaneously. Tea and biscuits will be served during the evening.

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ARD Documentary: Curry – A Culinary Misunderstanding

ARD Dcoumentary: Curry - A Culinary Misunderstanding

India's colors, spices, scents and tastes. What a heavenly experience. Curry is under scrutiny in the documentary from TV station ARD.

The term Curry, on everyone's lips, does not exist in India at all. Spice blends are referred to as Masala in India and are put together differently in each regional kitchen of the country. Let yourself be carried away to the kingdom of spices and enjoy the colors and pictures by watching this short film.

Under The Spell Of The Green Gods – The Doctors Of The Maharajah

An extensive and very beautiful documentary film from the television station phoenix. The eye of the beholder is presented with many beautiful shots of India.

The movie is about the origins of Ayurveda, its botany and its current limits. Interesting is also its kinship with the Tibetan medicine, whose plants come from a completely untouched nature. Ayurveda became quickly obliterated during the colonial period and the advancement of Western medicine. Today, most search and research of ancient scripts is carried out systematically and scientifically as well as in close collaboration of both Eastern and Western medicine and pharmacology.

From the following quotation of a Sanskrit text, it becomes clear how immensely influential food is on our health. “It is by good nutrition alone that the human being thrives, while bad causes disease.”

Hermann Ammon (professor at the University of Tübingen, pharmacologist and medical doctor) adds: “The knowledge of the thousand-year-old plant treasures is more valuable than all the jewels of the Maharajahs, the once mighty rulers”.

The Cure From India

Ayurveda conquers the West: Why Swiss people currently traveling to India in masses to cure themselves – and where the strengths and weaknesses of the ancient Indian healing method lie.

The report from the publisher “Der schweizerische Beobachter (The Swiss Observer)” gives a good overview of the subject Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments in Germany and abroad. This article also discusses the importance of the quality of the treatment and the seriousness of doctors, therapists, consultants and their corresponding education.

At the end of the report, there is a small glossary of ever-recurring and important ayurvidc (sanskrit) terms.

Please click here to read the report about “The Cure From India”